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Managing the workplace has become an important and complex part of running a business. Our Employment and Labor Practice Group believes in taking a proactive approach to handling complex workplace-related issues. We work with clients to anticipate and avoid problematic developments before they happen, and we focus on creating a compliant and comfortable work environment while preventing problems from reaching the litigation stage. We accomplish these objectives by responding to our clients' needs in a timely manner so that we can effectively anticipate issues and address problematic employee situations quickly before they develop into larger, more complex problems.

We have extensive experience conducting internal investigations in employment matters, including sexual harassment investigations. Our attorneys routinely investigate allegations, analyze findings, and make recommendations that enable our clients to make decisions in the best interests of their organization.

When litigation does arise, our philosophy is to achieve the best possible outcome for our client through aggressive and efficient representation, with a focus on minimizing the legal fees and related costs. We have represented employers in federal and state courts, as well as before administrative agencies such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Our lawyers have worked closely with human resources managers and in-house counsel to develop safe and appealing work environments through secure and sensible employment policies and procedures. Specifically, we have assisted clients in numerous related areas of the law including:

  • the Americans with Disabilities Act;
  • the Family Medical Leave Act;
  • the Fair Labor Standards Act;
  • Drafting and developing employment handbooks;
  • Management counseling;
  • Discrimination cases;
  • Whistleblower cases;
  • Harassment issues in the workplace, including conducting internal investigations;
  • Wrongful termination; and
  • Compliance, disciplinary and termination issues.

We also have extensive experience in drafting and interpreting corporate documents, including the following: employment and consulting agreements, non-compete agreements, termination agreements, privacy and proprietary compliance agreements, and severance agreements.

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