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CFTC - Futures and Derivatives Regulation

McLeod, Watkinson & Miller is a firm with deep experience in federal policies governing futures and derivatives. Senior partner Mike McLeod drafted the legislation which created the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in 1974, while he was chief of staff and general counsel for the Senate Agriculture Committee, and has represented clients in the futures industry for virtually his entire private-sector career. When he began private practice in 1978, the Chicago Board of Trade was his first client, and it remained so until it merged with the CME. More recently, he was heavily involved in the writing of the derivatives title of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Senior lobbyist Bill O'Conner is a former chief of staff for the House Agriculture Committee. He was minority staff director during consideration and passage of Dodd-Frank and he continues to be engaged in futures issues.

Our attorneys and lobbyists are in frequent contact with the Capitol Hill lawmakers and professional staff who oversee derivatives regulation, as well as with commissioners and staff at the CFTC. We are gratified that our derivatives practice has continued in recent years, and are happy to discuss possible relationships with companies, institutions or individuals who have needs in this area, where an enormous volume of new regulations have been developed at an extremely rapid pace.

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