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Regulatory Problem Solving

The team of attorneys and lobbyists at McLeod, Watkinson & Miller work closely with regulatory agencies to address regulatory and compliance requirements pertinent to our clients' business activities and strategic objectives, and we do this effectively and cost-efficiently. We work with officials at all levels of the federal bureaucracy to solve our client's regulatory problems, interact with regulatory authorities on identified regulatory issues, respond to actions by regulators, develop innovative regulatory approaches, and persuade agencies to amend or re-interpret regulations. Frequently, we helped draft the regulations in question, and often we helped draft and shepherd into law the federal statutes under which the regulations were issued.

Many of our attorneys and lobbyists joined the firm from senior positions in federal regulatory or administrative agencies. We understand how the government works and how to work with the government. Our regulatory work is closely aligned with our legislative lobbying practice, working with lawmakers and decision makers in Congress and at all levels of the Executive Branch to protect and advance the interests of our clients.

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