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Company, Trade Associations and Coalition Representation

We represent individual companies, trade associations and coalitions in the agriculture and food policy arena. We focus on the particular business interests of single companies, as well as on the broad, industry-wide concerns that constitute the business of a trade association or a coalition of interests with a specific issue agenda.

As part of our trade association practice, we offer complete flexibility to meet all of the present and future needs of the organization. In some cases, we provide assistance in lobbying and other government relations activities to trade associations that have their own management and personnel. For trade associations that already have well-qualified lobbyists, we can complement their resources with legal expertise for temporary projects, such as legislative drafting.

In other cases, we offer a turnkey service to trade associations, operating and managing the organization, providing all member services, including legal counsel, lobbying, meeting planning, payroll and administration. We advise association board of directors and staff on legislative and regulatory actions and assist in the development and implementation of Congressional and agency initiatives.

We make use of the latest technology in serving our association and individual clients, operating several web sites for various groups, offering secure, members-only features. We also maintain, which offers a wide range of free agricultural policy information and news.

Because our firm includes Republicans, Democrats and independents and our attorneys and lobbyists have previous experience in the House, the Senate and the executive branch, we are able to work with Congress regardless of which party is in control, and we can lead efforts to advance our clients' agendas on both sides of Capitol Hill, as well as at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the White House and in other parts of the Administration.

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